IV Hydration Services

Focus (Cognition)    $185

Help your mind stay sharp with this infusion of B vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. These nutrients will also help improve your mood and energy level.

Boost (Energy)     $160

Whether its extra hours at work, chasing around children, or just feeling fatigued; this infusion of vitamins and amino acids will give you that extra energy you need to keep accomplishing your goals.

Immunity      $185

Don’t let an illness keep you down. Try this infusion for an immunity boost before a big event or when you feel run down. These essential B and C vitamins with zinc will shorten your downtime or help prevent it altogether.

Radiance (Fortify Skin, Hair, and Nails)     $185

Strengthen your hair and nails and leave your skin glowing with these essential B and C vitamins.

Quench (Hydrate)    $160

This is the top infusion for restoring hydration. Replenish your body’s natural balance with this blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Add in our hangover mix to get you upright after a long night and ease the pain and nausea.

Recovery and Performance       $185

From marathon training to everyday exercise, this infusion can elevate your training or serve to soothe those muscles and keep you on track. This powerhouse infusion contains multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Myer’s Cocktail     $195

The original infusion that is also the most versatile. It can treat many chronic illnesses such as depression, asthma, and migraines, and also lessen fatigue.

Who Benefits From an IV?

Infusions can benefit anyone that needs added hydration and body detoxification. IV's can support ongoing wellness plans, dehydration associated with travel, and alcohol consumption. Athletes can replenish their body with a Performance and Recovery Infusion. Individuals looking for an immunity boost, to decrease stress, and increase energy are also all candidates for IV Wellness.